Souled Out (UK Edition)

The album
Souled Out

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Label: Human Elements
CatNo: HE002CD

‘Souled Out’ is a collection of various genres and styles, high-lighting Makoto’s incredible diversity and skill. ‘Souled Out’ explores the genres he loves while showcasing his flair as a modern drum&bass artist in an accessible and contemporary way.

1. Prelude
2. Magic Hour
3. Tower Of Love feat. Paul Randolph
4. Girl I’m Running Back 2 U feat. Christian Urich
5. Keep Me Down feat. Angela Johnson
6. In Between
7. Hi-Tech (Interlude)
8. Woe feat. Deeizm
9. Turning Points
10. Untold (Remix) feat. Deeizm
11. Bubbles
12. You’ve Got Sumptin’ feat. Paul Randolph
13. Flight Time feat. Root Soul
14. Travel (Interlude)
15. Room Enough feat. Cleveland Watkiss

Makoto “Souled Out” LP Preview by Makoto-Humanelements


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